Say goodbye to goodbye meat with 7 simple and effective actions

Want to say goodbye to the ” goodbye meat “, on your arm, but worry that the triceps are too obvious? Don’t think that girls can’t train their arms, hurry up and practice the 7 simple and effective methods introduced by the editor for your Thin arm exercise.   

First, don’t make excuses

  Before you’re about to train sexy arms, let’s debunk 2 myths about strength training.

  Myth 1: If you exercise your arms, they will definitely get thicker. This is the easiest excuse for women to make. Kirsch said women are concerned that if they lift weights, they will become ” muscle women” and lose their femininity. But this is not right. Kirsch explains: Women’s bodies don’t easily build a lot of muscle because they lack the male hormone (testosterone) unless there’s a genetic mutation.

  Myth 2: If you stop training, your hard-earned muscles will turn into fat. This is also wrong. “If you stop training, your body may gain weight, but it doesn’t matter if you’ve built muscle before,” Kirsch said.


Why do arms grow fat?

  Compared with other parts of the thigh, abdomen, etc., the meat on the arms does not determine the size of our clothes, which is why it is easy to ignore. It’s not our focus. So inadvertently, the arm becomes as thick as a bucket. In particular, compared with other places, its metabolic capacity is relatively small, and the biceps and triceps, which are not commonly used in daily life, are prone to accumulate fat. When lifting heavy objects, the biceps are used, and the triceps are completely useless without exercise. There is less muscle mass in this area, and in order to protect the bones, fat will accumulate in this place. In addition, the blood circulation of the shoulders is low, the fat metabolism is slow, and a large amount of fat will accumulate on the arms.

Assess your arm

  First measure how thick your arm is after all.

  To get the best out of your arms, you need to assess your body and set an achievable goal. For women with too much fat on their arms, it is necessary to increase the weight and repetitions of arms training, and also need to strengthen the aerobic exercise. Note: heavier dumbbells will not make you reach your goal faster.


Arm training 1-4

Equipment needed

  If you don’t have dumbbells, canned and bottled water is fine.

  Dumbbells: 3-8 pounds (1.36-3.63 kg) is the best, no dumbbells? This is no excuse, Kirsch said: Grab 2 cans of beans or a bottle of water at work, and you can also start training. Stability ball: Kirsch says: If you’re 4’11” to 5’4″ (1.50-1.63m), choose a 45cm diameter ball that’s 5’5″ to 5’8″ (1.65-1.73m) ), choose a ball with a diameter of 55 cm, or if you are 6 feet (1.83 m) or taller, choose a ball with a diameter of 65 cm.

Arm Workout 1: The Perfect Push-Up

  This push-up can be done by both men and women.

  You need to forget the push-ups you learned in high school gym class, and use the Fang Li that is teaching you now.

  Do at least 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps each time. (This is true for other workouts below.)


  Use modified push-ups ( knees apart ) if needed, and do enough.

  1. It is best to train in front of a mirror so that you can check the accuracy of the movements. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart, and your abs should be pulled in, making sure your shoulders and neck are relaxed.

  2. Use the triceps to assist in the push-up, making sure that you can feel them exerting force when lifting and lowering. Your body must be tight, from shoulders to feet, parallel to the ground.

Arm Workout 2: Lifting Dumbbells

  Lifting dumbbells is important for building your biceps.


Arm Workouts 5-6 & Cardio 

  1. Adduct your shoulder blades, keep your elbows at your sides, tighten your abs, and relax your knees.

  2. Once the arm is in the exact position, easily contract the biceps without allowing the shoulders to rotate forward.

Arm Workout 3: Spider Pushup

  1. Get ready for the push-up position.

  2. Extend your right arm as far forward as possible, flex your left knee toward your chest, lower your body, and complete a push-up.

  3. Return to the starting position.

  4. Switch to the other side, using your left hand and right knee, to complete the second time.


Arm Workout 4: Triceps Contraction

  It is important to maintain a standing posture.

  1. Stand with one leg bent, hold a dumbbell in the other hand, and lean forward 45 degrees.

  2. Keep your elbows close to your body.

  3. Fully contract the triceps, only moving between your elbows and your fingertips.

Arm Workout 5:

  Chair shoulder arm


  1. Sit upright in the front third of the chair as you did at the beginning of the bent arm pose, and adjust your breathing.

  2. Slowly bend the elbow of the left hand, then turn the back to the right back, and at the same time, raise the right hand to hold the left elbow.

  3. Maintain the action just now, then retract the back and expand the chest. After reaching the maximum expansion that you can achieve, stop, maintain the posture and take a deep breath.

  4. Slowly release your hands, return to the starting position, and then change hands to practice again.


  5. Return to the starting position, then lift the left arm up and bend the elbow so that the left-hand reaches the back shoulder. The right hand first goes under the armpit and then up, holding the left hand at the back. Then expand the chest, taking care not to bend the waist. Hold this pose and breathe deeply.

  6. Return to the starting position, exchange hands, and repeat step 5.

  The shoulder-arm pose on the chair is a little difficult, especially for girls who are not very flexible, they may not be able to hold their hands when they practice stepping 5, but don’t be too impatient, practice slowly, this kind of situation will gradually improve. The chair shoulder arm pose is very effective for eliminating fat on the inside of the arm, and it can promote blood circulation between the arms and shoulders, and relieve shoulder pain.

  Time required: about 5 minutes

Arm Workout 6: Boxing Exercise

  Imagine that the opposite is the person you hate, and punching can also release emotions.


  1. Open your feet, shoulder-width apart. Relax your knees and tighten your stomach. Throw forward punches on both sides of your body, 15 reps on each side.

  2. Uppercuts, arms bent at 90 degrees, cross the chest, and punch upwards, 15 times on each side. If you feel relaxed, you can increase the intensity.

7. Other aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise requires sweating, don’t play while doing it.

  If you don’t do some cardio every week, push-ups and dumbbells are all for nothing. Cardio means getting your heart pumping and sweating for at least 45 minutes, 3-5 times a week. But that doesn’t include the time you spend answering the phone, texting, or reading magazines during your workouts.

  Some of the more popular aerobic workouts are:

  1. Run 2500 meters as fast as you can on the treadmill


  2.15 minutes of rock climbing

  3.15 minutes of upper body ergometer

  Don’t have a regular gym? Don’t think you can skip cardio, like skipping rope if you want to increase your heart rate.

  Here are some simple cardio workouts you can train at home

  1. Jump rope for 15 minutes

  2. Jog around your neighborhood for 15 minutes

  3. Climb the stairs for 15 minutes


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