#8 Easy Belly Fat Loss Workout at Home Step By Step

Belly Fat Loss Workout

Losing belly fat is not just an aesthetic issue – a flat stomach usually tops our fitness priorities – but also a health issue. It is scientifically proven that abdominal fat is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Therefore, one of our wellness goals is to lose the fat that accumulates in the abdomen area, it seems fair and necessary.

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#8 Belly Fat Loss Workout Effectively Can Help Melt Belly Fat

Today’s workout is a seven-day challenge to lose belly fat. All you got to do is join in with us in this workout where we will be performing these eight movements that have been specially handpicked, which will start working on that belly fat.

As this is a seven-day challenge. I want you to do these 8 workouts for the next seven days. Follow the right nutrition and trust us, you will surely see some real changes in your body. So let us begin this lose belly fat in seven days Challenge.

Let’s start our 8 easy and very effective belly fat loss workouts for you.

1. Jumping Jacks Workout

Belly Fat Loss Workout at Home Step By Step

Photo Detail: How to Do Jumping Jacks

we’re going to jump out. Hands up overhead and jump back in. Want to scale it down? Step out and then repeat on the other side. Let’s do this for forty-five seconds. Stay light on your feet. Keep those knees soft. Make sure you’re getting big movement arms all the way overhead. Jump out and in full-body conditioning happening right here. Let’s keep moving.

Stay with us if you want to scale it down, you can Step out and in. That’s also an option.

Jumping Jacks History

A jumping jack, also known as a star jump and called a side-straddle hop in the US military, is a physical jumping exercise performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands going overhead, sometimes in a clap, and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides.


3 Benefits of Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks work all the major muscles in the lower body, strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, calves, and shins. The higher and faster you jump, the more power and strength you’ll develop. You can also wear a weighted vest to increase the intensity and load.

#1. Jumping Jacks Burn Calories

You don’t have to run a marathon or stride along on an elliptical coach for an hour to torch a significant number of calories. Because jumping jacks involve nearly every muscle, they are metabolically demanding. And it can burn quite a few calories, depending on your body weight. Regularly incorporating vigorous sets of jumping jacks may support fat loss, especially when coupled with a healthy diet and a well-rounded, full-body workout routine.

You will burn around 10 calories for every minute doing Jumping Jacks. The average amount of Jumping Jacks in one minute is 50. Doing the math, this means one Jumping Jack equals 0.2 calories. With 100 Jumping Jacks, you will burn approximately 20 calories.

#2. Jumping Jacks Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

if you’re looking to lose weight and burn some calories, then Jumping Jacks is a great cardiovascular exercise that can be performed as a warm-up before a more intense training, or as a part of your workout routine.

Jumping jacks increase heart rate and respiration, challenging your cardiovascular system. Completing extended sets of jumping jacks, and progressing the duration of your sets, will improve your aerobic fitness and endurance. Aim to move as fast as you can with good form, completing the full range of motion with each jump to maximize your fitness gains. Start with sets of 30 seconds and build up to several minutes or more without stopping.

#3. Jumping Jacks Increase Bone Density

Jumping jacks are a form of plyometrics or explosive jump training that involves impact landing. Much like other high-impact activities such as running, jumping jacks stimulate the bones to lay down new bone cells and a denser matrix of minerals to withstand the stress. Increasing bone density reduces the risk of fractures, particularly as you age.

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2. Mountain Climbers

Belly Fat Loss Workout at Home Step By Step

Photo Detail: How to Do Mountain Climbers

The next one we have, we’re going to focus on that midsection we’re going to do Mountain climbers. So for this, I’m going to get down in position in that high plank palms directly under your shoulders. The entire body in one line, you’re going to get your knee towards your chest and jump and alternate like it’s a little hop. All right, so you’re going to run in place like that. We’re going to do this for forty-five seconds.

You want to scale it down, just step and take it slow. Let’s go in three, two, and one. The steady base here. You want to sustain for the entire forty-five seconds. Make sure you’re not lifting your hips up. Bring your knees towards your chest. Keep breathing. You want to up the intensity, you can move a little faster if you want to take it easy. Can move a little slower. Completely up to you. Pick your face and just keep moving. Almost there hanging there. Keep breathing, Do it with a big smile. So, we’re done.

Mountain Climbers Step-by-Step Instructions

Also, You Can Follow Mountain Climbers Step-by-Step Instructions. When you’re just starting out, try the classic variation of the exercise:

  1. Get into a plank position, making sure to distribute your weight evenly between your hands and your toes.
    Check your form—your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, back flat, abs engaged, and head in alignment.
  2. Pull your right knee into your chest as far as you can.
  3. Switch legs, pulling one knee out and bringing the other knee in.
  4. Keep your hips down and run your knees in and out as far and as fast as you can. Alternate inhaling and
  5. Exhaling with each leg change.

Do Mountain Climbers Burn Belly Fat?

The mountain climber is a calorie-burning workout that really gets your heart rate going. It also targets your core, making it the perfect exercise to lose that stubborn belly fat and reveal your abs. To do a mountain climber, get into a standard pushup position.

How Many Calories Do Mountain Climbers Burn?

The amount of mountain climbers calories burned should fall within a range of 650 to 700 calories per hour for a 130-pound person, an estimate made according to Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services list of activities along with calories burned per hour.

Mountain Climbers Benefits

Mountain climbers are great for building cardio endurance, core strength, and agility. You work several different muscle groups with mountain climbers—it’s almost like getting a total-body workout with just one exercise.

As you perform the move, your shoulders, arms, and chest work to stabilize your upper body while your core stabilizes the rest of your body. As the prime mover, your quads get an incredible workout, too. And because it’s a cardio exercise, you’ll get heart health benefits and burn calories.

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3. Elbow Plank

Belly Fat Loss Workout

Photo Detail: Elbow Plank

Now we going to do your elbows here directly under your shoulders and you’re going to step out onto your toes and tie your body in one line. Squeeze those abs and hold here for forty-five seconds.

You want to make it a little easier on that high plank and just hold yeah, down into that elbow plank. Let’s get started in three two one. Keep your bombs away from each other. Pressed onto the ground makes it a little more challenging, stocking that belly in abs tight. The entire body in one line. Try not to move your hips up or too low, just in line with the rest of the body. Breathe in and out. Hold it here. Got to do that hard work to see those great results, right? Almost there hanging. That’s great work till now. Three exercises are done.

Does Planking Burn Belly Fat?

With time you can increase the number. Planks help to strengthen the core, burn overall fat and also help to correct your posture. It improves stability and reduces the risk of injury.

How Many Calories Does a 1-Minute Plank Burn?

The plank is a highly effective abdominal-strengthening exercise. For most people, it burns between two and five calories per minute. Planks increase muscle and boost metabolism, so they help to sustain higher levels of caloric burn during rest.

6 Plank Benefits

In this section, let’s talk about the benefits of doing plank in your fitness life.

#1. Improve Core Muscle Strength

Plank support is recognized as the most effective exercise to exercise the abdominal core muscles, including transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, external oblique muscles, etc. The plank support is a great test for these muscle groups.

#2. Reduce the Risk of Spinal Injuries

According to the American Association of Exercise, regular plank exercises can significantly reduce back pain on the one hand, strengthen the back muscles on the other hand, and provide strong support for the entire back, especially the upper back.

#3. Improve Body Posture

Plank support can effectively improve the stability and uprightness of the standing posture, and exercising the core muscles can keep you in this posture, because the abdominal muscles have an impact on the back, shoulders, chest and back, etc.

#4. Improve The Balance of The Body

After improving the strength of the core muscles, the balance of the body will be strengthened a lot. The simplest point is that when we do the Russian twist, the body is often unable to maintain balance, which is also caused by the insufficient strength of the core muscles of the abdomen.

#5. Improve Metabolism to Achieve Weight Loss Effect

Plank support can activate a lot of muscles. When the strength of these muscle groups is strengthened, it can improve basal metabolism and achieve the effect of burning fat. Although the effect is low, if you want to maintain a good figure, this is absolutely enough. of.

#6. Exercise willpower

I think this is very important. No matter what we do, we need endurance and willpower. Plank support is a good exercise for willpower. If you can only do it for 2 minutes, you will start to tremble after 2 minutes, but you can rely on willpower to reach 3 minutes. Spiritually, it is also growth.

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4. Flutter Kicks

Belly fat loss workout

Photo Detail: Flutter Kicks

We’re going to move on to the fourth. The flutter kicks. So for this, you’re going to sit back, get your feet out in front of you and you’re just going to alternate up and down if you want to make it a little harder. Get your hands off. You can clasp them in front and do the same thing. Forty-five seconds of hard work here, it’s going to be a little tough, but we’re going to get through this together.

Let’s go in three, two, and one. I’m going to keep your torso upright at an angle. Try not to hunch over shoulders, back, neck neutral. You’re just going to stay here and keep going with those flatter kicks. I’m going to get that additional support. Hands next to your hips and keep moving. Don’t forget about breathing. Almost there. Hang in there. Nice.

3 Benefits of flutter kicks

Sure, flutter kicks can give you rock-hard abs, but they have benefits beyond aesthetics.

#1. Strengthen the core muscles

The biggest benefit of flutter kicks is that they strengthen your core muscles, which are basically the support system behind every physical activity you do, big or small. A strong core has many advantages:

  • Better balance and stability
  • Less back pain
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved stamina
  • Definition of the abdominal muscle

#2. Burning calories

You don’t always have to jump up and down in one go HIIT-training burns calories. Flutter kicks may have a low impact, but they’re also a dynamic move that raises your heart rate and activates your muscles, leaving you sweatier than you might think.

#3. Improve your posture

A stronger core leads to better posture because it plays an important role in body stabilization. Flutter kicks in particular are great for improving posture because they strengthen your back muscles.

How Many Calories Does a 1-Minute Flutter Kicks Burn?

The great thing about flutter kicks is that you burn between 20 and 120 calories in one session.


5. High Knees

belly fat loss workout

Photo Detail: High Knees

We’re going to stand up for the next one, the fifth movement, high knees. So what we’re going to do? Get your knee up towards your chest hop alternate and we’re going to move a little faster. Stay on your toes. And if you want to scale it down a little bit, you can do the high knee much. Avoid the hop. Let’s get started in three, two, and one.

Swing those arms to get extra momentum, you can start off slow and then pick up the pace to increase the intensity. And you remember the scaled-down option, you can just much in place. Come on, let’s keep moving. Nice and easy stay on your toes. Bring the knees up nice and high towards your chest. Stand up tall. Swing those arms. Doing a fabulous job so far. Keep moving. We’re done.


The Benefits of High Knees:

If there is one exercise that is great for your condition, it is high knees. These can be performed at a very high intensity so that your heart rate goes up considerably and your blood circulates through your body faster. In addition, high knees are good for the leg muscles and you exercise your coordination ability. Use them as an interval exercise during your run or as a solid warm-up. The intensity of high knees is not only determined by the pace at which you do them, but also by the height of your knees. The higher you get them, the harder and better the exercise gets.

  • They are ideal as a warm-up.
  • The higher you move the knees, the more you use your core, so even more muscle activity, and stronger abs.
  • You don’t need any material, just your own body. So you can do the exercise anytime and anywhere.

How Many Calories Do High Knees Burn in a Minute?

High knees are considered a calisthenic exercise on most calorie charts. When performed vigorously, calisthenic exercises like high knees can burn about 7 calories per minute. If you’re working at a moderate pace, you can expect to use about 3.5–7 calories per minute ( 1).

6. Russian Twists

belly fat loss workout

Photo Detail: Russian Twists

Now we going to do Russian Twists. I’m going to get rid of those obliques of the love handles. Let’s get started. We’re going to sit down for this one. And if you want to scale it down, you’re going to keep your heels on the ground. The torso is up nice and tall from one side to the other side and keeps twisting on a scale it up. Make it a little harder. Heels off the ground. Try and stay balanced here and do the same thing.

Let’s go for forty-five seconds. Also still keeps facing forward. You’re just twisting and moving as fast as you can. Again, here you want to up the intensity, keep moving faster. We’re going to scale it back a little bit. He is down and keeps repeating the same thing. You’re going to feel this in the side of your abdomen. Don’t give up. Stay strong. Got to work hard for those good results. Almost there, we’re done. Excellent stuff.

Benefits of Russian Twist

The Russian twist exercise is used to train the obliques. You are going to make a sideways movement with your upper body, which activates your oblique abdominal muscles. This makes the muscles stronger, which comes in handy for all other exercises in your workout. You also benefit from strong oblique abdominal muscles in everyday life. This allows you to adopt a better posture when, among other things, lifting the groceries. Oblique abs do not immediately provide a six-pack, but they do give those nice tight v-lines on your stomach. Your six-pack will come into its own better because your abdomen will have a tight contour.

How Many Calories Russian Twist Burn?

People often ask how many calories they are burning in their workouts. Most exercises will generally burn about 100 calories for every 10 minutes you are working at a higher intensity. You can burn 488.44 calories doing 30 minutes of Russian Twist if you are working at a higher intensity.


7. Leg Tuck Ins

belly fat loss workout

Photo Detail: Leg Tuck Ins

The next one, the seventh movement, we’re going to stay down for this one. It’s the leg tuck in. So you’re going to get your legs out. Bring your knees towards your chest and push back out. Yeah. If you want to scale it down. Hands next to your hips. Scale it up. Hands-off and you’re going to repeat the same thing. Let’s get started. Forty-five seconds in three, two, and one without. When you extend your legs, nice and easy. Keep moving. I know it’s a little tough if you want to scale it down further, drop down, and repeat the same. I’m still going to work towards getting those results. We’re all in this together. Keep moving.

You guys have done a fabulous job so far. A little breathless after that intense belly burn workout.


3 Benefits of Knee Tuck

If you want to build six-pack abs or simply increase your core strength, seated knee tucks are for you!

#1. Do Them Anywhere and Anytime

To do Leg Tuck Ins exercise you don’t need any equipment. In fact, you don’t even need a mat because you sit down rather than lying on your back. Most people do this workout as a home workout.

#2. No Set-up Time

You can get into position and start a set of leg tucks ins in seconds. This makes them ideal for fast-paced workouts like circuit training, HIIT, and supersets. You can do this workout in the gym or anywhere outside the house, even in the park if you want without any equipment.

#3. Works Your Hip Flexors and Core Together

A lot of core exercises work your abs in isolation. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s not how they work in nature. Activities like throwing, pushing, kicking, and punching use your hip flexors and core together, and so do knee tucks. This means that knee tucks are arguably more functional than isolation abs exercises like crunches.


8. Bicycle Crunches

belly fat loss workout

Photo Detail: Bicycle Crunches

The last movement that we have is the Bicycle Crunches. Again, it’s going to target your entire abdomen and those obliques, those love handles as well. So for this, we’re going to get down on the ground. Join me here and lie back opposite knee to elbow and repeat on the same. Repeat the same on the other side. Extend that other leg.

Let’s go, the last forty-five seconds here, you can do this. Breathing out when you feel those abs contracting, when you’re bringing your knee and elbow close together, as far as you’re comfortable, you can even slow it down a little bit. Completely up to you, but just keep moving. Almost at the finish line with a big smile. Come on. And we’re all done. That was pretty intense. But we are done.

How many calories does 100 bicycle crunches burn?

You will burn around 6 calories for every minute doing Crunches. Also, depending on weight and intensity. The average amount of Crunches in one minute is 24. Doing the math, this means one Crunch equals 0.25 calories. With 100 Crunches you will burn approximately 25 calories.

Why does my back hurt when I do bicycle crunches?

According to Harvard Medical School, crunches are hard on your back, since they “push your curved spine against the floor and work your hip flexors, the muscles that run from the thighs to the lumbar vertebrae in the lower back.” When your hip flexors are too tight, they pull on your lower spine, which can cause lower back pain; plus, poorly performed crunches can also put a strain on the neck. In addition to the potential for pain, sit-ups and crunches target just a few isolated muscles, and your core goes far beyond just abdominal muscles, so they aren’t the most effective use of your time.


Extra Tips

Guys, remember that this is a seven-day challenge to lose your belly fat, and all I want to tell you is that you’ve got to come back. Watch below the video work out do again over the next seven days. Yeah, after you do this challenge. Follow the right nutrition plan as well. Trust me, you’re surely going to see some real changes in your body.

For those of you who are just starting off your fitness journey, let me tell you, things happen over time and not overnight, so be patient with yourself at the end of this week. You’re going to surely notice a stronger core and definitely feel fitter along with the right workout. It’s important to supplement with the right diet, avoid foods that contain trans fats and sugary foods as well. Get plenty of restful sleep and hydrate well, and you’ll be well on your way to hitting your goals.

You can repeat this challenge multiple times. Keep coming back and working out until you feel that you can achieve your goals.

Belly Fat Loss Workout App

At present most of the work we do with mobile. Then, sitting at home, we can learn how to lose belly fat by using the fitness training app on our mobile, and we can reduce excess body fat by exercising on our own.

If you search online you will find many good fitness training apps. However, I am sharing with you the names of 3 apps that I like and some of their information. But can use whatever you like and your goal should be to reduce your belly fat or weight loss.


1. Lose Belly Fat – Abs Workout (Apps Store / Google Play)

Sweat just 10 minutes a day! Short and effective! Lose belly fat and flatten your tummy at home with our fat-burning abs workouts suitable for women and men. You will get a flat stomach in just a few weeks!

belly fat loss workout app

⭐️ Why choose this workout app Lose Belly Fat?

– Quick and effective workouts maximize fat burning and weight loss.
– Requires no equipment. Burn belly fat, lose weight, and stay fit with just your body weight.
– Abs workout plans with 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) designed by experts.
– Suitable for both beginner and pro, young and old.
– Beginner friendly.
– Animation and video guidance just like your personal coach.
– Track your weight loss & waist slimming progress.
– Track your burned calories on a daily basis.
– Customized workout reminders remind you to tone your stomach.
– Health tips help you develop a balanced diet for weight loss and good health.
– 200+ stomach & core exercises aimed to bring you fitness and confidence.
– Do these abs workouts 10 minutes a day to burn belly fat and achieve your goal of having a flat tummy.
– Sync data with Google Fit.


2. Amazing Abs (App Store)

belly fat loss workout app


•Informative overview of abs exercising

•Three effective HD video workouts for different fitness levels, so it will never get boring or too easy*

•Full descriptions for each exercise to get the maximum benefit out of workouts

•Endless fun of sports, as you can work out while listening to your own music from iTunes!

*The first level is free, the second and third levels are in-app purchases.


3. Cult.fit Fitness, Meditation, Healthy food, Doctor (Apps Store / Google Play)

Belly fat loss workout app

cult.fit is a health and fitness powerhouse that takes a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. At cult.fit, they make workouts fun, mental fitness easy with yoga & meditation, and medical & lifestyle care hassle-free.


You can also explore home workouts with our goal-based Do-it-yourself workout videos or trainer-led live workouts. and live fitness videos. Sign up to 7 days FREE trial of live workout & yoga sessions and get trained by professional fitness coaches, track your performance in real-time, and compete with other users to see who tops the ranking after each session.


Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week at Home | Watch Exercise Video

The type of clothing that should be worn during belly fat loss workout training at home

👉Workout Short Shirts: Yakestyle Workout Short
👉Fitness Comfortable Pant:  Fitness Leggings Shorts
👉Fitness Shoe: Women’s Non Slip Running Shoe
👉My Favorite Watch: Health and Fitness Smartwatch
👉Exercise Mat: High-Density Exercise Mat
👉Socks: Low Cut Socks


What Exercise Equipment Burns Belly Fat

Many people are eager to get extra time back home from the gym to lose weight. For those who think so, I think this is a very good decision for you. If you can buy fitness equipment and use it at home to reduce your belly fat, then you can reduce your belly fat much faster.

Here are some equipment names for those who want to buy fitness equipment.

  1. Treadmills (XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill)
  2. Elliptical (Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905)
  3. Stationary Bikes (YOSUDA Indoor Stationay Bike)
  4. Rowing Machine (Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine)

If you have a question please let me know in the comment section. You can follow us on our social media at Facebook and also, you can follow our new sister concern site Daily Healthcare US.